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Here I explain my theory on why the human mind tends to avoid logic, methods that can be used to overcome this tendency, why it is so important for people to use logic, and how human nature and logic are fully compatible despite all the stereotypes to the contrary.

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With logic you can see through all sorts of veils of illusion that are commonplace and likely affecting a majority of what we consider normal life. Coercion tactics, cons, misleading marketing tactics, railroading, conscious bias, subconscious bias, rationalizations, dogmas, delusion, and even deniability and mind control. These things tend to be invisible to most of us most of the time, and become more visible as we become more logical.

Logic can also be used to solve psychological problems, to boost IQ, to boost creativity, to become more aware, to develop advanced mental skills, and to master your life and your ideas.

There are a number of excellent websites out there that teach the nuances of the logical process for determining fact from fiction. Simply google "critical thought" or "deductive reasoning", or click here for wikipedia's list of logic fallacies.

If you wish to see how I define the word "logic" then click here.


This website contains my ideas. Though my style of writing may sound like I'm stating fact, and may sound like I'm giving advice, what I'm really doing is conveying some of my ideas about vital matters concerning how the mind works, in the hope that these ideas will be beneficial in some way. Though every effort has been made to state real facts and to provide helpful insight, every point made on this website is merely an idea and should be treated as such.

I've noticed that a lot of people believe they "see" facts and fictions directly, without going through a logical process, and that they don't get why I would waste my time with issues like context-normalization, let alone the full logical process. And of course there are a lot of people with opinions somewhere inbetween these two extremes.

The hardest thing for most people to get past is the idea of questioning themselves. However, to become rational, and to not be influenced by 3rd party Psychological Mind Control, it is necessary to review and question your own thoughts, and to gain a reasonably sufficient understanding of logic.

Most people who are wrong go through life never finding this out.

The trick that I've found that works best is to start by asking yourself how to make the wording of a thought more accurate (rather than outright questioning its validity). This is a cool trick because it automatically sheds off the natural compulsion to defend it (this compulsion came from taking the thought personally in the first place). By asking yourself how to make the words more accurate, those defenses are less likely to activate, and the illogical notions are more likely to surface.

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